What are the types of agrochemicals?

Agrochemicals include pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, along with fertilizers and soil conditioners. Insects and animals are a severe plant risk. When attracted to a source of food, the supply of this particular plant could significantly decrease. As the name suggests, pesticides defend crops by destroying, disabling, or avoiding such pests.  Many fungal species were also […]

Benefits of agrochemicals

Despite all the above effects, if agrochemicals are handles carefully may give fruitful results. The benefits of agrochemicals are not limited to growing crop yield. Some of the pesticides consumed by farmers contain diseases. Persons who eat plants in contact with disease-provoking organisms have been at risk of these diseases before pesticides were widely used. […]

Agrochemicals and Their Importance in Agriculture

Agrochemicals are chemical agents used on farmlands to improve the nutrients in the field or crops. They improve crop growth by killing damaging insects. They are implemented in all forms of farming sectors such as horticulture, dairy farming, poultry, crop shifting, commercial planting, etc. The article sheds light on the various aspects of agrochemicals. Various […]

The Role of formulations in agriculture

Farmers today are under pressure to produce more food with fewer resources and without damaging the environment around them. Faced with factors such as land pressures, soil fertility, pest management and agricultural policy, farming today is all about efficiency, time and energy saving technology, and the drive to make solutions as sustainable as possible. This […]