Despite all the above effects, if agrochemicals are handles carefully may give fruitful results. The benefits of agrochemicals are not limited to growing crop yield. Some of the pesticides consumed by farmers contain diseases. Persons who eat plants in contact with disease-provoking organisms have been at risk of these diseases before pesticides were widely used. This is much less of a threat due to the increased use of pesticides in farms around the world. Crop protection solutions enable farmers in food production processes to increase crop yield and output. As weeds, pests, and diseases have an impact on up to 40% of the future crop production worldwide, if current pesticide uses were eliminated, this would increase.

Food production would deteriorate without crop protection chemicals, many fruits and vegetables would be missing, and prices would increase. Another significant advantage of pesticides is to help keep food prices in check for the consumers. Chemicals for crop protection to minimize and, in some cases, eliminate insect damage allow the customer to buy high-quality insect-free products while at the same time doing little harm to human life.

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